Renegade Pictures, Inc. is dedicated to making documentary films and photographs that educate, inspire and provoke change.

With our film lens, our goal is to support issues which will be enlightening and inspirational for the viewers, removing them from the passive spectator seat by encouraging them to be proactive participants in life.

Our social justice films bring a global perspective to the American audience which is often lacking in the mainstream media. With these films we are dedicated to fighting prejudices that hurt others, striving to end human rights abuse, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Our art films explore creative drives that pursue a unique vision. These films question the self imposed boundaries of our society and encourage expression that challenges the norm.

Our still photography documents humanity at home and abroad. With our pictures, we strive to share the beauty of life, erase borders and bridge cultural gaps.

Renegade Pictures, Inc., promoting revolution...
   of the mind, the state and the soul.

"Voices of Women" Filmed in March 2002, Sadaa E Zan collects the voices of several Afghan women living in Kabul, Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan.

(Winner of 2003 Social Justice Documentary Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival)

"Playing with Fire" Showing the Passion, Inspiration and Genius of a complex artist, Playing with Fire explores the evolution of an American visionary who is one of the great living legends in the field of ceramics.

"PÚto Mitan: Haitian Women Confronting Globalization and the Third Occupation" is a documentary about struggle, courage, resistance, and democracy. Through gripping images of injustice and the powerful, compelling stories/lives of five courageous Haitian women, PÚto Mitan will inspire and educate solidarity, global justice, and womenís activists around the world, ultimately challenging them to think critically about their own work.